Bröllop på Hågelby

Så himla glad för de fina ord jag fick av Miko, som gifte sig med vakra Nina på Hågelby i somras:

”Björn was the first photographer we booked. Every bride needs to have Björn with her on her special day.

Björn was very responsive and flexible in working with us and made everything so easy. Björn & his assistant (Sandra) arrived early and stayed late and took control, which made it easy for our families to follow his lead. Björn really knows how to utilize the people and details of the space.

Every picture was breathtaking, one more beautiful than the next. You can see the personality of our loved ones in each picture, and you can tell that he takes pride in what he does. He was the most important part of the wedding. Most importantly he has HEART. What else can I say, but book him now!

PS/ Honestly I wanted to skip the preparation pictures and MAN! Was I wrong. They looked absolutely stunning!”

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